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As per tradition, all our litters are present in the kennel so they are born and grow under our control, taking care firsthand of their psycho-physical development, which is extremely important in order to guarantee and deliver a healthy and balanced puppy.

Our litters have the characteristic of having morphologically correct parents, healthy as regards hips, elbows, myelopathy and dwarfism (MDR1 instead of dwarfism for White Swiss Shepherd), but the most important thing is the character skills of both parents. This pushes us every year to look for the best stallions present in the Italian and foreign panorama for character skills. We can boast and boast of being the first and the only breeding that has always worked in selection, putting the character aspect as a priority in order to have litters always of the highest quality both for morphology and, which is rare in the current CLC breeding, for character. .
In spring 2009 we also added a long-haired female White Swiss Shepherd to our herd, a breed that has long attracted our interest. We breed with the same claims we have towards the Czechoslovakian wolfdog, that is, trying to add healthy-bodied and balanced-tempered individuals to the population to contribute to the development of the breed.