Herewith we’d like to present our kennel ufficially accepted by F.C.I. Breeding is a pleasure hobby for us, we take care to work well, with the aim to bring into the population of CWD health dog, good for breeding and perfect for character. Of course, when happen that some “our dog” works well with owner or becomes the champion of beauty, we appreciate it. For these reasons we are so careful to choose appropriate line blood mails for our females, asking about health, character, working results and at last expo results. Thinking well about informations received, speaking often with Consultants of breeding of Club of race in Czech rep., we make an effort to choose the best mail for our female.

We start from iron condition that all dogs we are working with, have to have the results of HD acceptable (by breeding comition of Club of race in Czech rep.) and have to be correct with the standard of breed. We are in tight corner with most important kennels of Czech rep., we co-operate with them and we confront with them the problems of health and work drill what bring new dogs appearing on scene of CWD world too. (stud dogs, working dogs, champions).

Our litters are observed all the time - from birth happened at home, during all time of growing up to the date of sell. We take care of socialization with human from first days of life - this is the most important for the correct character evolution of dog. But our work doesn't finish with selling of puppy to new owner, in the same way is very important keeping contact with new owner to help him with any problem, from character, education to health and others.

Growing up our litters at home and having our females with us for all time, we know perfectly what the Czechoslovakian wolfdog can do at home and about its way of character evolution.

We are always ready to speak, advise, or lead everybody who needs help or who is interested in this beautiful race.

We added to our pack a long coated female of White swiss shepherd this spring 2009, a race what interessed me a lot for long time. We will breed it in the same way as Czechoslovakian wolfdog - it's mean selecting the character and not only the beauty, searching to give to the population of race the good and health dogs.


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Babsy Akbo Parchovany






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Welcome to visit us, the phone call is necessary, please read the following indications:

From highway Milano/Genova turn to exit Castelnuovo Scrivia and follow indication for Sale.

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